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Wakio District Femicide Map


Inspired by Mexican artist Rosa Borrás, Nitumwesiga organized students, mothers, and fellow artists to embroider a quilt comprised of the names of every woman murdered without justice in her district of residence: Wakiso, Uganda.

Years ago, Nitumwesiga took regular evening walks in public. "The situation regarding women's security has since changed," she says. "Walking alone at night is no longer safe."

Nitumwesiga undertook meticulous research to dig up the names of each assassinated woman, and met and spoke with several family members of the victims.

The femicide went practically uninvestigated by Ugandan authorities. The police spokesperson blamed the Illuminati, and curfews were imposed and viciously enforced to the detriment of residents and small business. Crime continues to escalate unabated in Wakiso and throughout Uganda. (See Nitumwesiga's embroidered map.)

The quilt of Wakiso women and girls calls the power of females back to our communities. Nitumwesiga carried the sacred quilt with comrades at rallies and marches for women's security.

Themes of death, memory, power, reality, gender, and propaganda and truth commonly appear in Nitumwesiga's work. Click here to inquire about seeing the quilt, or arranging an exhibit.

Note: The above collection also contains photographs of pieces developed for smaller side projects under the "Embroidery for Justice" umbrella, including shots of cloths mourning the arrest of opposition leader and musician Bobi Wine, and the assassinations of his close comrades.

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